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This then provides more time to spend on other areas of the business, or indeed, managing the bulk of sales opportunities that will come back from your SMS delivery very soon after sending. It’s estimated there are up to 7 billion mobile phones in daily use today, so SMS is one of the few technologies that are universally synced between all of the global mobile phone operators. Breathe life in your marketing campaigns by reaching out consumers where they exist through SMS marketing. Send text messages to advertise and let your customers know what you are offering.

Desktop SMS Software Manage your SMS communications from your desktop. SMS from iPhone Send bulk SMS text messages using our iOS mobile app. Incoming Long Numbers Receive incoming messages directly from your customers. Compare our SMS Solutions Find out more about the SMS solutions we offer here. Also, Campagne SMS Tunisie will provide limited space in order to convey the story. Businesses will be required to utilize the 160-characters intelligently for reaching customers in an impactful and more effective way.

SMS vs email

Text messaging has overtaken the use of direct calling, yet still provides a 2-way personal conversation. According to mobilesquared, 90% of text messages are opened and read within 3 minutes. That kind of attention to marketing material is gold dust to businesses. You can easily send transactional messages such as unique codes and SMS alerts or promotional messages from your system or application. Once you have your audience segmented, then you can accurately target groups of customers with a variety of marketing messages. Understanding what works and what doesn’t means you can refine your approach to maximize sales potential.

Below are the major benefits of SMS marketing for your business. Use our responsive SMS web application to access your online account from any browser. By leaving the application your account will remain active To permanently deactivate access to your account from a phone or tablet already connected, you MUST log OUT in the application menu. Alternatively, you can customize and personalize your SMS text messages and send them to customers who have disconnected the call while waiting for a representative, dealing with possible abandonment.

Messaging Features!!

All modules in the CommBox platform works in a complete harmony to deliver the ultimate omnichannel experience for your business and customers. Aside from the reliability of SMS messaging, texts are quick, cost-effective and results can very quickly be analyzed. It’s efficient, simple to set up and use and has an almost immediate impact on responses and sales opportunities. SMS has advantages over email and other marketing activities.

Potential customers are far more likely to give you an email address than they are their mobile phone number, so yes you need to keep an email list too. But this demonstrates how personal most people take their phone number to be. Once you have a phone number, it’s likely that customers will be more responsive to your messaging because they invited you in.

The CommBox SMS module is an asynchronous module, this means it can vastly improve both the customer experience – and the efficiency of your agents in responding to those customers. Through SMS messaging, our SMS module offers two-way communication with customers. The ability to schedule text messages means that you can save time in planning your campaign, you don’t need to write each message individually, so groups of people can be targeted with scheduled texts. Learn how to get your service up and running with our simple quickstart guides. Releans infrastructure for sending messages runs in separate server infrastructure.

WinSMS.tn is the only party able to provide you with your access codes and you are solely responsible for the use of said codes and sent SMS. Say hello to CommBox.io, the intelligent customer communication center for live and automated interactions. You will instantly be able to see those who have received it, along with other analytical data such as those who have opened it, read it and of course, the important one, which is those who have responded. In this article, we’re going to tell you all the ways you can leverage SMS as a powerful medium for your business, along with the multitude of advantages it offers.

You should use CommBox to help you deliver and manage your SMS messaging with your clients. Once CommBox is set up and running, you have access to a wealth of modules that can be added based on your customer focused platforms. So, for the most part, you know delivery by SMS is a reliable form of inboxing your customers.

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